Board Place – Preserve Longboarding

Hey, you.

This first week, I want to share my longboarding experience at the Preserves of Dexter MI. It’s a beautiful valley with a lake, a few emerging McMansion, and most importantly long smooth roads that that carried me all the way to slide city and back. The video below should give you a taste of the place!

As you can see, I love to slide! Although, I mean that in a very casual sense. I’m really not one for intense downhill sliding. This video is the first time I have ever worn a helmet while boarding, and one of the few occasions on which I’ve wore my gloves. Yes, I know, very stupid. I learned my lesson the two days prior to filming my Preserve Cruise. I still have the elbow injuries to prove it. Maybe I should invest in some G-FORM for my more ambitious cruises. However, I’ve always been one for long and level cruising. Sometime soon, I hope to have the time and means to check out a marathon push race.

Which brings me to my next point. By the end of my Preserve Cruise I had gone up and down the hills so much that I could barely lift my standing leg without feeling intense pain. And, after doing some research I found this groin stretch video which helped a surprising amount. Plus, I appreciated the fact that the guy showing me how to stretch is also wearing jeans.

Thanks for checking out my first post! I hope you found it helpful, relevant, or at least a little interesting. More Places and experiences abound!


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