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Best Longboard Shoes? – Elby

picstitch(1)I’ve been wearing through these Sanuk’s since about April of 2013. Aside from from not wearing them during the winter season, I’ve used and abused these Sidewalk Surfers pretty consistently up until now. I’m actually surprised they lasted so long. They’re marketed to surfers, not bearders. They also didn’t offer any support whatsoever, but boy, did they hold together.

I’ve always thought of stereotypical skate shoes as being a bit bulky, big-tongued, and all around not-so-attractive. So, I never made any effort to find any “skate shoes” for myself. Yet, one google search for “longboard shoes” returned these these slick kicks: Elby skate shoes by Brooklyn Workshop. Here’s a review by Silverfish

1621727_726517380706037_1925452973_nThey look awesome, right? Unfortunately, according to their kickstarter, they won’t be for sale until at least July. I should probably (okay, definitely) take advantage of their early bird special.

Also, if you ever wondered what the difference between vulcanized and cup sole shoes are, then check out this video. Basically cup soles are tough, while vulcanized soles allow for more board feel.

Board Place – Preserve Longboarding

Hey, you.

This first week, I want to share my longboarding experience at the Preserves of Dexter MI. It’s a beautiful valley with a lake, a few emerging McMansion, and most importantly long smooth roads that that carried me all the way to slide city and back. The video below should give you a taste of the place!

As you can see, I love to slide! Although, I mean that in a very casual sense. I’m really not one for intense downhill sliding. This video is the first time I have ever worn a helmet while boarding, and one of the few occasions on which I’ve wore my gloves. Yes, I know, very stupid. I learned my lesson the two days prior to filming my Preserve Cruise. I still have the elbow injuries to prove it. Maybe I should invest in some G-FORM for my more ambitious cruises. However, I’ve always been one for long and level cruising. Sometime soon, I hope to have the time and means to check out a marathon push race.

Which brings me to my next point. By the end of my Preserve Cruise I had gone up and down the hills so much that I could barely lift my standing leg without feeling intense pain. And, after doing some research I found this groin stretch video which helped a surprising amount. Plus, I appreciated the fact that the guy showing me how to stretch is also wearing jeans.

Thanks for checking out my first post! I hope you found it helpful, relevant, or at least a little interesting. More Places and experiences abound!